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Litecoin Cash developer Tanner spoke to CCN about the recent 51% attack on the LCC.

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A new cryptocurrency project expects to launch today. If more than 51% of miners choose to use his software,.There are many concerns to take into account when dealing with cryptocurrency.

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It has been reported that 51% attacks on blockchain networks have become far more frequent events than once anticipated,.

Still, when asked, most bitcoin advocates feel that a 51% attack is not really a realistic threat to bitcoin security,.

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Bank of Canada released a working paper that appears to argue Bitcoin is safe from a 51% attack,. is Hiring.

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All is not well in the Bitcoin Gold environment at the minute, for that cryptocurrency which is simply another fork of the Bitcoin blockchain has come under attack.QueenWiki Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, BlockChain, News and Education.

Recent cryptocurrency news has been dominated by 51% attacks, whereby a single actor controls the majority of the mining power and is able to use this to reverse.

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Let us also not forget the network remains vulnerable to 51 percent attack and is designed to.

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But here are 10 reasons why an investment in Bitcoin could go south.

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Our network of expert financial advisors field questions from our community. The latest markets news, real.Bitcoin Gold suffers double spend attacks,. 51 percent attacks force.

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On the 26th of June Crypto Briefing, Bitcoininst, CryptoVest,.

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